Growing up as a missionary kid, I look back, and realize how much of a blessing my life was. God knew what He was doing when He sent my parents to the Philippines. My childhood is filled with exciting memories of travelling and adventures in different countries. I got to visit many churches and meet great amounts of people. Surrounded by so many people who love God and love to serve Him, how can I not count my life richly blessed?

Right now, I am attending Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri studying Missions. I felt called to Missions my Senior year of High School and that’s when I surrendered my life to full time ministry. I am very excited to see what God holds for my future, yet I have found that taking this step has required a lot of faith. College in itself was quite a big step, yet a wonderful adventure.

Moving to the United States, I knew that I was going to go through a big transition. I mean college is a big transition for anyone, but it is an even bigger transition when your family lives 8,000 miles away. Growing up, my family would come back to the United States every two to three years and stay in the States for about six months. So when I came to college, my first six months were great. I didn’t get homesick and I didn’t have culture shock. It was only until my second semester when I truly missed home. I’ve found that it does not matter how far away you live from your family, it’s inevitable for everyone.

I am comforted by the fact that my parents are fulfilling God’s work in the Philippines, while I am starting a new chapter in my life. I can only imagine all that God has planned for me as this chapter continues to unfold.

Sydney Gotcher, MK from Philippines