August 2017

Dear Missionary:

Greetings from hot and humid Springfield. The summer weather has made itself known and it sure is hot. I guess I shouldn’t complain because I know it is worse in some of the places you live and travel through. However, it does make it hard for me to go play golf and that is tough! 🙂

A few weeks ago, we had a very successful Candidate School. We had 23 candidates in attendance. They will be serving on the continents of Africa, Asia, Latin America and Australia. It was a blessing to observe their positive attitudes and eagerness to learn as much as they can even when they were experiencing information overload at times. It took me back to 30 years ago when Pam and I went through Candidate School and I was reminded of how “green” we were. But, just like these new missionaries, we were ready to represent our Lord and we were excited about it.

The month of August gives us a chance to take a breath after the Reunion and Candidate School as we prepare for the upcoming National Meeting in September. We have our annual third-party audit during the first week of August and then we will work back and forth with the auditors for the remainder of the month to make sure everything balances and checks out. This keeps several of our people quite busy as we deal with all the various aspects of the Mission Office and missionary finances.

Many of you know of Tim Long’s health struggle and the journey he has been going through. It has not been easy for him and Jackie and I know they appreciate all your prayers. Tim has shared with me that they believe it is time for them to return to Egypt and minister there. He has been a blessing here in the Mission Office but I can understand his desire to return to the field considering the health issues he is dealing with and all the stresses of his position here. Please pray for them as they are reinstated during the upcoming September meeting.

I was reading through 1 Peter the other day and as I read verse nine of chapter two, God tugged at my heart. As ambassadors of the living God, we all have the privilege of proclaiming the praises of God. We get to make something known that is mostly unknown around the world – the greatness of God and the great things He has done for all mankind. We get to proclaim the power and capabilities of our Father. As a child of God and a missionary you have, as one person put it:

“…the glorious privileges that include union with God, access to the         Father, spiritual sacrifices, security, affection, dominion, possession,          holiness, illumination, and compassion. What greater honor can there be        than to proclaim the excellencies of the One who has granted you such   marvelous privileges?”

Isn’t that amazing? We have that privilege! I thank God you have answered His call to go and “…shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.”

Thank you for going as we support and pray for you here. Our God is GREAT!

Your Friend,

Jon Konnerup