I hope this letter finds you doing well in the Lord. It is hard to believe the month of August has come and gone since I last wrote to you. With that in mind, time seems to be flying by. I read somewhere that happens as you get older. Perhaps that is true.

When you receive this letter, I will be in Japan. Ruth King was approved 30 years ago as a BBFI missionary to Japan. Actually, she was in the same approval class with Pam and me. Her sending church, Park Crest Baptist Church in Springfield, MO, wants to show their appreciation for her and will be visiting her on the field to personally present her 30-year pin to her and they asked me to go along. I look forward to the time we will have with her in Japan and with the people she has ministered to for these many years.

I have a couple of announcements to share with you. The first one concerns Craig Stevenson. He joined our team over a year and a half ago. He has done a great job and we have appreciated his service to the churches and missionaries. However, he recently informed me that he has accepted a position at Park Crest Baptist Church. He will be with us through the end of September.

Also, this month is the National Fellowship Meeting in Owasso, OK. Friendship Baptist Church is hosting the meeting and they have been very busy preparing for it. As usual, there will be committee meetings on Monday, then the missionary approval committee meeting with the Field Reps on Tuesday afternoon, and the Missions Service will be held on Wednesday morning. If you are interested in helping with the approval committees on Tuesday, please contact Carole at Carole@bbfimissions.com.

Some of you have been asking about the Missionary Connection newsletter that we use to communicate with all of you. It was recently sent to you in a new format which is more of a digital design. Every month you will receive an email that will direct you to the new issue, but you also have the option to receive the information on a daily or weekly basis as it becomes available. If you have any questions, you may write to Jill at Jill@bbfimissions.com.

I recently read something that was a good reminder for me with all the busyness that goes on. I hope it will be a good reminder for you as well. It said:

If I think of the world, I get the impress of the world; if I think of my trials and sorrows, I get the impress of my trials and sorrows; if I think of my   failures, I get the impress of my failures; if I think of Christ, I get the impress of Christ. (Selected) Acts 4:13

I pray you have a fantastic, fruitful month of September!

Your friend,

Jon Konnerup