September was a very busy month for me!  I started the month in Japan and shortly after my return it was time for the National Fellowship meeting in Owasso, Oklahoma.  After a few days back in the office, I then wrapped up the month with some mission conferences.  It is always a joy to spend time with missionaries and to share the passion of God for the people of the world in churches.  I really try to encourage young people to consider the call of God for missionaries and share with them of the many opportunities around the world.  Would you pray for me, that God would use me to help inspire more young people and couples to consider their place in world missions?

Thank you for praying for Tim Long.  When I last wrote to you, he was preparing for quite an invasive surgery.  It took a while for his body to respond and he is still in the recovery process, but by God’s grace and the prayers of many he is doing much better.  Pray for continued recovery and strong health.  He and Jackie desire so much to return to Egypt and we hope God will enable them to do so.  Also, pray for God to bring the right person to the Mission Office to replace him as the Finance Director.

I also need to inform you that Lewis McClendon will be leaving the Mission Office. His last day will be this Friday, October 6. His desire has always been to assist with missionary training and I thought it would work great for him to do that through the Mission Office.  However, it has become evident that his initial plan of setting up his own training center will be the way he needs to go.  He will stay involved with the Mission Office and assist us in various ways.  I have appreciated him and his friendship very much as a fellow staff member this past year.  Please pray for his new ministry.

Just as a reminder, the Mission Office closes on Fridays at 3:00 PM.  We all put in our extra hours throughout the week.  Things get quiet around here near the end of the day on Fridays with the rest of the world basically getting ready for their Saturday.

Don’t forget to contact Jacque Burkholder if your Power of Attorney has not been updated yet.  This needs to be completed soon before we have to start returning contribution checks to donors since we cannot deposit checks made payable to the missionary or their ministry without a proper POA on file.  There are still some of you who need to complete the POA process.  If you are not sure if yours has been done, contact Jacque at

Also, for those who have transitioned to “retired/inactive status”, you now have the option to opt-out of the BBFI Medical Plan as your supplement to Medicare.  You can request forms from Jacque.  The deadline to submit the paperwork is December 24.  Contact Jacque or Debbie for more information.

I was reading in Matthew 20 where Jesus foretells his death again to His disciples.  He was preparing to go up to Jerusalem — voluntarily.  He did not avoid it, but He deliberately planned to go there.  He was actually going up to Jerusalem in triumph over sin and death, but the process would require him to endure tremendous pain and humiliation.

As you serve the Lord as a missionary today, be strengthened, be comforted, be inspired and encouraged by the path Jesus took going up to Jerusalem.  Remember, through the Spirit of Jesus because of His glorious resurrection, you can endure and overcome life’s challenges that often bring sorrow, pain, disappointment and maybe even death.  He is with you every step of the way and for that we can say, “Thank you Jesus!”

I hope this encourages you today to keep going forward for Christ no matter what comes before you.  He has already been there and will help you through.

Have a magnificent October!

Your friend,

Jon Konnerup