We should talk about this! It is a discussion that requires me saying, “if I didn’t love you I wouldn’t tell you.” From a guy who has heard that a lot, in most cases, I needed it. It may sound like I’m throwing good photography out the window, I’m not. Hopefully you’ll understand that both videos and photos have a place in your ministry, I think we just need to define where.

If you read my article titled, Your Story, you will understand why I write your time is precious and limited. Many of you have responded to my last article, one missionary even mentioned that he was once asked for a one minute video! Back in the day, raising support meant having to carry around a slide projector and slides, no one misses that. It took time, a lot of time. Half the service had to be devoted to photos dependent on an explanation. Speaking as an official missionary kid slide project operator, move on from photos in your missionary video. Remember, congregation’s attention spans have shortened and so has the time pastors are willing to give during a service to a missionary video.

Please don’t be discouraged or offended if you have some good pictures in your current presentation. If that has worked for you, press forward about how you can tell a better story. Again, what they walk away with is the most important thing. Don’t give up on taking pictures! A good photo should be displayed on a wall, whether it’s Facebook or hallway in your home. It just deserves more time to enjoy than five seconds in a video. A good photo can be used for other promotional tools like prayer cards, displays, or even in a PowerPoint presentation during a message. If you must use a picture in your video apply a Ken Burns Effect on it and at least simulate movement. Don’t fret, photos still have a place.

If it is a missionary video, it just makes sense to use videos. What does this mean for the missionary force? Instead of just taking picture you need to start taking video. Capture video all the time. If the moment deserves a photo, it deserves a video. The cell phone in your pocket will leave you without an excuse. Just imagine, you’ll have plenty of footage to use for a video blog, presentation, update, special project or even if you’re just documenting your journey.

Trust me if you’re intentional about taking video, you’ll appreciate this tough love when it’s time to put something together. You will have to overcome some hurdles like quality of footage and storage, but I’ve got you covered with tips below. A missionary video that contains video will keep the attention of the viewer better and longer.

In the next article I’ll answer the question, “What should I shoot?” Until then prepare, research, and setup your processes to capture good video footage.

Big Tip: Use Google Photos to upload or sync your video from your phone or computer (PC, iOS, and Android). It will provide you with unlimited storage, sort everything by date, and give you access anywhere in the world.

Bonus Tip: Buy a phone stabilizer for steady and smooth shot. I recommend the DJI Osmo Mobile or the cheaper Zhiyun Smooth Q.