The men and women of the United States Armed Forces serve in many countries of our world . The task of ministering to these committed military members and their families is often overlooked. It is not that this specialized ministry is deemed unneeded, it’s just that it is not thought of by most people, particularly those who do not live in areas that have a military installation or high military presence. Too often our military members fall into the category of “out of sight, out of mind”. However, this needful area of ministry is not overlooked by many churches and Christians associated with the Baptist Bible Fellowship International.

The Baptist Bible Fellowship International is the official Endorsing Agency for sixteen US Military Chaplains. Those sixteen Chaplains minister to the service members of the Civil Air Patrol, Army Reserves, Army National Guard, Navy Reserves, US Navy and the US Army. On any given day you might find a BBFI Chaplain separated from their family and deployed to a region of the world that they are not allowed to divulge meeting the spiritual needs of those with whom they serve. Others may be on the Physical Training field, in an office, leading a small Bible study, preaching in a chapel or conducting a funeral service. The list of ministry opportunities is as endless as any pastor or missionary.

Please remember these men and their families in prayer as they continue to serve in a very needed and fruitful harvest field.

Steve Bender | Associate Mission Director