While a round of golf on Ozarks’ premier Rivercut Golf Course is truly a pleasure in and of itself, the greatest pleasure derived from participating in the Annual BBFI Missionary Care Invitational is the satisfaction in knowing all of its proceeds will be invested into the Missionary Care Fund which benefits over 750 BBFI missionaries and their families serving around the world in 83 countries.  The 2018 Invitational will be held May 18.  If you are in the States during that time, we would love for you to join us!

Last year, proceeds of $20,000 went to help extend our Missionary Care efforts around the world including specialized counseling, emergency travel, and both stateside and international missionary retreats.  All efforts directed toward saving a marriage, a family, or a ministry always pay large dividends on earth and in heaven.

Even if you are unable to attend, we would like to ask two favors:

  1. Please pray for a successful event focused on raising funds for Missionary Care
  2. Please consider sending us something (Attention: Jill) from your country that may be of interest to our golfers.  We give away many prizes that day, but the ones most favored are from other countries because they remind everyone of our missions focus.

We look forward to a great event with you in mind!