(Read Part 1 and Part 2 of this intriguing story…) The greed, anger and stubbornness of their parents had prevented them from receiving the gift along with a booklet of the gospel and the salvation story. I was shocked, scared and I am ashamed to say that I was even a bit angry with God for letting such things happen.

Later, the missionaries explained that the last time they had visited that community, it had been smaller and more peaceful, but that was a mild example of the sad reality of these communities. They also explained how they have successfully dealt with communities like this one, helping them change their destructive manner.  The problem is that they are of the opinion that the government should give them what they need, and that they needn’t lift a finger.  So, you have to teach them to help themselves and you have to reach their stone hearts that have been hardened by having to become adults too soon. This is a very slow process.  But through this ministry, they have seen change in the people who have come to faith and built churches for their communities through God’s word and the message of hope and love.

This whole trip helped me remember why I am here. Sometimes, as missionaries, we get so deep into the ministry that we forget to step back and take a look at the big picture. We are so blessed to live where we do and to be raised in a Christian home where we have the opportunity to get to know God and build our relationship with him.

There are children that never hear the good news and die not knowing. There are people unable to leave their communities because Satan has such a strong grasp on their families that they slip into the darkness without ever seeing the light.  If you are asking yourself, as I did, why God doesn’t do anything–He has. He has placed the missions call into every Christian’s heart. The question is just this: “Are you going to take a leap of faith into the unknown?”

It is not going to be easy and it seems never ending at times.  But God takes care of us, and if we take that leap of faith every day, He can use us to do great things–things we couldn’t even imagine.

To all the rest of you MKs I say this: God placed you on the mission field with your parents.  You are called to the work as long as you live there. You are a missionary, not just an MK.  Our society has lost the understanding of giving your all for and through God.

I have been struggling for over three years trying to figure out if my urge to stay on the mission field was just because I am comfortable here, or if I was truly staying here to follow God’s calling for my life. This experience made it clear to me that the latter is true, and that I would not be fulfilled if I didn’t stay. I was placed here by God – literally, and unless He tells me to go home I will stay.

Serenity Sudbrock, MK to Germany