January 2018 is done and in the books. Now we move on to February as we anticipate God’s blessings in ministries all around the world. Each month, as I begin working on my letter to all of you, I like to look over the list of missionaries and just envision the work going on in the various countries. Some of the countries I have visited, so I think of the ministries I have witnessed firsthand. For many others, I think about what I have read in your letters. You know, God is working in so many amazing ways that most of us never know about, and won’t know until we get to heaven. Just thinking about that time in heaven gives me goosebumps.  One of the privileges of my job is meeting believers around the world–it’s just a small glimpse of what heaven will be like. I can’t wait!

I have been meaning to inform you of a recent change in our procedures concerning requests from churches for missionary support levels. The Mission Committee approved for us to no longer give that information. If a church inquires about the support level of a missionary, we are advising them to contact the missionary’s sending church. We have found that there are a variety of reasons for these requests, but the Mission Office will no longer be providing that information. It will be left up to the discernment of your sending pastor.

We hope you have enjoyed the new web-based format of the Missionary Connection. Once a month, you should be receiving an email from the Mission Office summarizing that month’s key articles. For those of you who would like to stay on top of important news and information more often, we encourage you to Subscribe to receive weekly notifications from us. This will enable you to receive a weekly email that lists all the articles that were posted during the previous week. To subscribe, go to www.bbfimissions.com/mc where a pop-up box will appear asking you to subscribe. Simply enter your email address and click “Subscribe”. If you do not see the pop-up box, then you will want to clear the cache from your internet browser and then proceed to www.bbfimissions.com/mc where you should then see the box to enter your information. Our goal, as always, is to keep you informed and encouraged with relevant news and feature articles to help you in your ministry. If you have any questions about the subscription process, please contact Kena at kena@bbfimissions.com.

The annual Missionary Family Reunion will be here soon. If you are going to be in the States this summer, please plan to attend the Reunion. We always have a great time and we all leave refreshed and encouraged. The dates for this year are June 11-15, 2018. The location will once again be at the Radisson Hotel in Branson. We have something for everyone–the kids, the teens and the adults. The Missionary Care Offering that we promote each year helps to subsidize the cost enough to make it much more affordable for YOU. You won’t want to miss this. We will be sending out some detailed information soon, but if you have questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact Carole at Carole@bbfimissions.com.

You will be contacted soon asking you to update your contact information as we are working to print a new Contact Directory this spring. We want it to be ready for the May Fellowship Meeting, so please be prepared to respond as quickly as possible. The information you provide will also help us confirm your contact information in our database system.

Our annual World Mission Forum is coming up this month—Tuesday, February 13 thru Thursday, February 15. During this three-day event, our building will be overflowing with the students who are currently attending Baptist Bible College. We have an amazing opportunity to impress upon them the need for more people to surrender to missions. Will you pray that God would touch the hearts of these students, and that more would surrender to go to the mission field?

The process of transitioning from Tim Long to Brian Garrison as the Finance Director is going well. We enjoy having Brian on staff, and he is certainly enjoying having his brain filled with global financial dealings on a daily basis. Please continue to pray for Brian and his family during this transition.

Click on this link to see the latest Global Partners Magazine which features the Mission Office (choose the 2-page view for optimal viewing). You can also view it online at the Tribune’s website, www.Tribune.org.

Just think for a moment of the part you have in helping people get to heaven. Your testimony and ministry affect people for eternity. Stop, close your eyes and just imagine what it will be like around the throne of God with people from all regions of the world worshipping the only true and living God. Now, I want you to realize the vital part you have been given in fulfilling God’s plan. Wow—what an amazing privilege!

Enjoy serving your Lord!

Your friend,

Jon Konnerup