Contact the office at 417.862.5001 or e-mail via We can answer your questions or set up an appointment for you. You are not making any commitments for service by contacting our office.
Candidates work with the Mission Office to help establish where they are in the preparation process. Providing all of the qualifications are met, the application process can take as little as six months. This includes completion of application paperwork, health requirements, approval at a National Fellowship Meeting (held in May and September) and attending the Deputation phase of Candidate School.

Most pastors appreciate the process our missionaries go through to become partners with the churches of the BBFI. The process assures the supporting pastor that the missionaries have met certain doctrinal, educational, practical and health requirements.



The BBFI believes missionaries and the local church work hand-in-hand. Because of this, a missionary and his family raise their support from local churches. It takes an average of approximately two years for missionaries to raise support.

The BBFI Mission Office does not charge the approved missionaries for handling their contributions. The missionaries receive 100 percent of every dollar that is designated for them.

Yes, providing all other requirements for career approval are met and a favorable recommendation is received from the host missionary.
Candidate School is held the second full week of July each year at the BBFI Mission Office in Springfield, Missouri.

Career Candidates attend the Deputation phase of Candidate School the year of their approval and attend the Pre-Field phase the following year.

TEAM Candidates attend Candidate School in the calendar year in which they are recognized.

Candidate School is required for all those seeking approval or recognition.

Candidates transitioning from TEAM to Career missions will need to attend a second week of Candidate School in the same calendar year they are approved.

TEAM Program recognition and Career Missionary approvals take place twice a year at BBFI National Fellowship Meetings. May approvals take place on the campus of Baptist Bible College during their May Graduation Fellowship. September approvals take place at a different location each year depending upon which church is hosting the September meeting.
Be sure to discuss your preparations with your pastor. You can then begin discussing your plans with the Mission Office.

Education: If needed, begin working on your college requirements.
Internship: If needed, begin seeking a place where you can learn the basics of ministry alongside an experienced pastor or missionary. Please feel free to call the Mission Office for information on churches looking for interns.
Stewardship: Be a good steward of your financial resources. There is a debt limit.
Physical Health: Live a healthy lifestyle. There are physical requirements to meet for approval/recognition.

Applications for career missions can only be taken from U.S. citizens (by birth or naturalized citizens). Applicants must be a current, active member of a BBFI affiliated church located in the U.S. We encourage Christians from other nations to seek available opportunities to serve through their local church or with a mission agency in their own country.
Career missionaries are required to be high school graduates or equivalent and to be college graduates with at least 18 credit hours of mission courses from a full membership and/or approved school. A minimum of 18 credit hours of mission courses from another training institution may be accepted by the Mission Field Committee after approval by the Mission Office on an individual basis. Educational requirements are for both spouses. Five years experience as a pastor and pastor’s wife within the Baptist Bible Fellowship may be considered the equivalent of the educational and internship requirements for approval as Baptist Bible Fellowship International missionaries.
TEAM missionaries must have completed at least one year of college.
There are two primary issues that are considered regarding medical issues. First, does the applicant or applicant’s family member have wellness issues that would make it difficult for them or their family member to live and function in another country?

Secondly, is there adequate medical care available for the applicant or family member in the country of their choice?

Basic medical tests are required for career applicants and their families.

Missionary personnel receive adequate but limited support. Debt places a significant burden on the missionary. Personal debt will be discussed on an individual basis. Unsecured debt should be minimal as determined by the Mission Office. Applicants are encouraged to seek the counsel of their sending pastor and the Mission Office about this issue.
Current policy does not permit divorced individuals from being approved as career missionaries.
The BBFI Mission Office administrates the policies determined by the pastors of the BBFI. We recognize each sending church as the missionary’s final authority and the biblical sending agency. It would be up to the individual church to determine specific requirements for the missionaries, including how long one would need to be a member of the church before sending him or her as a missionary.
Yes, single men and women can participate in both career and TEAM missions.
The BBFI approves and/or recognizes both husbands and wives as missionaries and assumes both are able to articulate a definite call to missionary service. If your spouse is not comfortable with applying for service, then you would want to wait and make this a matter of prayer. It is not recommended that you put pressure on your spouse to make a decision regarding missions. God will make Himself clear to both you and your spouse and show you what you should do. You should also speak with your pastor regarding how you feel God is working in your life.

Candidates may also want to consider the TEAM program as a first step to help confirm God’s leadership into career missions.

When couples are approved as Career missionaries or recognized as part of the TEAM Program, both the husband and wife are required to meet the necessary qualifications to be considered fully qualified missionaries. It is assumed that both the husband and wife will express a clear call to missionary service. The wife’s first role is to her husband. Then she is to be a godly mother to her children. After these, she should participate wherever possible to enhance the overall ministry on the foreign field.