The World Mission Service Center team processes nearly $40 million per year  as we serve over 4000 US churches and 800 missionaries in over 85 countries around the world.  Additionally, we administrate the policies determined by the pastors of the BBFI and we recognize the sending church as the missionary’s final authority and as the Biblical sending agency.

The process our missionaries go through to become a partner with the churches of the BBFI ensure that doctrinal, educational, practical and health requirements have been met.

Our missionaries, colleges and the BBFI Tribune receive 100% of every dollar that comes in for them as we do not charge for handling their contributions.

The World Mission Service Center is financed by faith just like our missionaries – through the giving of churches, individuals and missionaries. All support for the World Mission Service Center, whether from missionaries or churches, is voluntary.  Our operational costs for each missionary contribution we process are approximately $4.50 per month. We encourage each church or donor to contribute a minimum of this amount every month per missionary they support. For example, if a church supports 10 missionaries through the BBFI, a $45 monthly gift to the Mission Office would help cover these operational expenses and provides financing for the establishment of indigenous churches.

The following services that we provide to BBFI churches are just some of the benefits of partnering with us.


  • Screening of missionary applicants for approval
  • Contact Directory – online and printed copy

Contribution Services

  • ­ Process and receipt contributions
  • ­ Expedite emergency funds for churches to the missionary
  • ­ Provide various donor contribution reports
  • ­ Manage compliance with US tax law

Promotional materials

  • ­ Missions conference supplies
    • Faith promise cards
    • Faith promise devotional
    • Placemats for banquets
  • ­ Posters for foyers and classrooms
  • ­ Brochures
  • ­ Videos

Support Services

  • ­ Assist with mission conference bookings
  • ­ Provide information and assistance to Field Representatives
  • ­ Assist sending churches with missionary care
  • ­ Provide assistance and set-up for mission trips

Website Services

  • ­ Detailed missionary contact information
  • ­ Profile information of missionaries
  • ­ Downloadable missionary pictures and videos
  • ­ PowerPoint backgrounds

Other Services

  • ­ Mailing labels for churches and missionaries
  • ­ Furlough list of missionaries
  • ­ Missionary e-mail list
  • ­ Monthly Missionary Connection newsletter
  • ­ Weekly Connection Point – a missions-focused e-mail

The following services are just some of the benefits we provide to approved career missionaries partnering with us.

  • Processing of Funds
    • ­ Monthly and yearly statements and reports
    • ­ Yearly 1099
  • Financial Services
    • ­ Assistance with any type of foreign government requirements
    • ­ Bank letters of credit – to open bank accounts
    • ­ Letters of Guarantee – to obtain work permits
    • ­ Loans – auto and emergency
    • ­ Notary Public services
    • ­ Power of Attorney
  • Personal Benefits
    • ­ Worldwide medical coverage including medical evacuation for emergencies
    • ­ Life Insurance
    • ­ Disability Plan
    •  Optional dental insurance
  • Training/Networking
    • ­ Candidate School – preparation for the field
    • ­ Annual Missionary Family Reunion
  • Website Services
    • ­ Access to current and archived statements and reports
    • ­ Data that can be exported to prayer letters, labels and etc.
  • Other Services
    • ­ Assistance with video presentations and prayer cards
    • ­ Crisis Action Team
    • ­ Mail and package services
    • ­ Missionary Projects Offering – A program which enable missionaries to live in suitable Fellowship-owned homes on the field and provides financing for the establishment of indigenous churches.